Thursday, August 27, 2009

long time

well i know it's been a while since my last post. However I've been paying down some bills and still doing my research regarding a sewing machine. So far I've gone back to the sight on the Bernina (i will always love that machine) but realistically the price right now is just too much. So i've been going back and forth to all and looking at the Janome deals they have. I am really torn between three sewing machines. One I has a large bed, and that would be wonderful but not too practical to take to a sewing class.
Then it brings me down to the cheaper brand....hate the word cheap, what's more hate getting cheap anything. I feel it's much better suffering with getting what you want so that you keep it a longer period of time. So I might go a little higher with the Janome. It has a good reputation. Hopefully i will get some fabric soon.
As for the summer I've been going to second hand stores in the area and finding good deals on remnants. Made nothing but shorts, and and awful suit....that I will show later. Right now I am working on a shirt. Will take a picture and post it. I've been out of needles so I've got to get some and have spoiled myself with getting the Klasse needles you don't have to change them as often as the smetz. Well I will try and put the photos on during the weekend. Right now the Minnesota fair is going on.
Made a little change cutting hair so there goes my sewing needles. ciao for now