Monday, September 28, 2009

still looking

Right now I am still looking in trying to find something involving sewing. Determined that someone is going to let me in this market. In the mean time I've been going to "savers" it's like the salvation army or something. Hopefully I will find some type of fabric. But to tell the truth I think that I am going to better off going on line to buy fabric. I will have to develope a buget of some sort.
I spent all this time building up credit to have the company fold. Now I will have to find another outlet. I had planned on getting something from all brand in addition to the software. I will get the Vikant because it's less trouble. I really wanted to start using this embroidery machine but the software is what stands in the way. I can put in on lay-a-way and that will be a start, but I've got another prodject I am working on as well. Will upload as soon as I get the chance or take more pictures.

Saturday, September 26, 2009


i hope i am doing this right. Trying to download the pictures. So up at the top I wanted to decorate this old stand. So I took some regular old sheet material and put some lacey stuff around it. The next picture is of yours truly in a fruit material. It says native italian on it. Who would walk around with oranges on themselves? Only me. Then there's the picture of my canvas shopping bag. I broke three needles on the machine trying to make that bag. I've not gotten the hang of focusing. The last pictures are of downtown minneapolis from the 5th floor.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Okay i know that today is thursday, but tuesday I went to this place called savers, and I think from now on I'll keep looking for fabric. So far I've lucked out in buying some fabric, usually it cost me around 1.99 and I can make a pair of shorts or a top from it. So this tues I found some teal like fabric and also some type of tee shirt (white and stretchy) all in all 4.00 and which each of the fabrics I can get a pair of pants for the teal, and a top. With the blouse I think i will just get a top and save the rest of it.
Now mind you I've not brought any store material just yet. The way I figure it I might not be able to get anything until November. Right now I've got my eyes set on this Janome sewing machine. I am thinking about putting it on lay-a-way. I may start next month. Either way I hope to have it out by January. I don't want to sign up for a class until I get the machine out.
It's amazing how folks think I can sew cause they see me wear the stuff I make, and haven't a clue as to what I did, most of the time I am just tracing things out from other stuff I've worn. I can't wait to take some of the on line classes. I am also going to get the Vikant. I just don't feel like dealing with a lot of stuff. The Ped design is not too clear, and I really need something a little more easier. I forgot how to work my camera and I have to go back to the instructions and try to apply them to this site. My friend is Seattle is really nosey so she wants to see. She can't help herself.