Tuesday, March 30, 2010

new fabric

I brought this Asian print material and I made a blouse out of it. I am so disappointed with myself because I should have gotten more of that fabric. Could have made a skirt. You can't see it but I brought some beige stretchy type of fabric to make a pair of pants out of, and then some blue jean stretch material. Forgot to get the needles, it's always something. Then I brought some pinstriped stretch fabric and that was for the low price of 45.00 and that was steal for me that day. So I was pretty happy. Just have to remember to get the needles.

on a roll

During the weekend I spent with two other ladies who are sewing orientated. It was really nice. Started out with bacardi rum and papaya/mango juice and some very tired stiches followed by quiche. We were doing stitches that were in a course that one of the ladies is taking. By the way this is a dress making course. I had a hard time with the herring bone stitch. For some reason I wasn't getting it. The rest of the stitches I already know and have used before. Over all it was a nice weekend.

We are going to get together as often as I can, and in the meantime I am still saving for my Janome. The new 7700 has come out and I think I am going to get that one instead. This is going to be the last sewing machine I buy. This one has everything on it. It looks like a Bernina and Pfaff and has an arm. I thought it best to just jump right in and get this one. I know it's going to be a bit pricey...........but in the long run I am going to have it the rest of my life. Everyone on this janome site loves their 6600 and said they wouldn't part with it. The new machine will not be out until May but since I already joined a yahoo group, photos have been coming in from London and Canada. For some reason Janome thought they would premier in Europe first and then we are last. From what I understand the machine will possibly run 2,000 but for all the features this will be worth it, and there is better lighting.

Janome is in strong competition I believe with Brother because Brother gives you more features and more bang for your buck. Well Janome is doing the same. I really used to be a Bernina snob, but Janome is what I wish to work with for the time being. I really would like to work in another country doing nothing but selling sewing machines and working with them. Right now I am trying to work on just putting things together. My way of course. Some of these patterns make no sense. So I always detour. I am also still working on Canadian contacts regarding sewing machines and the like. Maybe even a fabric store. That wouldn't be bad idea. Cause you get a discount for working there. Hopefully they would sell sewing machines right there on the premise like Hancock fabrics does, if so then I am killing two birds with one stone. We'll just see how things turn out.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

just some thoughts

What a no sun shine day. I think I told you about two other ladies I met from the sewing guild. Well we hit it off very well. One of them is taking a dress making course, and since it is on line decided that it would be good to have live people to correspond with. So she is sharing the lesson with me and another lady.

This online course has us doing stitches. They name the stitches but don't show what they look like. it's really done in black and white. So last night my buddy calls me to suggest that we go to the library or somewhere and get photos of the stitches and then we can do them together. Even though buddy no.1 has paid for the course buddy no.2 and myself will reap benefits from the course as well. No.1 thought it best to have someone to converse with, and I concur. On line course are tricky. Videos are more better for me. Cause I can freeze and then try to duplicate what I see. Just have the written with no pictures is hard on me.
So far on the first three paragraphs have all been technical jargin. So I am really going to have to work at this. It will be interesting to say the least. Today though I really don't feel like doing one blessed thing. Maybe I will shoot for tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

working on now

I like this design for some reason. This is fleece. It's very thick fleece, and of course what do I do with fleece? Make a jacket of course. I decided to put elastic in the sleeve to give this some type of shape. As it is most of my jackets seem a bit boxy.
This was done without a pattern.
Hopefully next month I will get some tracing paper. I've decided not to cut out the patterns any more. Then I can trace the design and try to doctor it up. Also I'm going to get some muslin because I think this will go a long way as well. Just think pretty soon spring will be here, and I will really have to start sewing to make things for summer.

I've put things in motion regarding networkng and hopefully I will meet some more new people. At least I can get my creative juices going. made a purse for my girlfriend in seattle. forgot to put this picture on as well. Hope she likes it! This is really a drab day, and I don't feel like finishing this jacket off today. Maybe I will work on it tomorrow.

lastest jacket

I was trying to find a way to turn the second picture around so you could see the design stitch. It's not too bad a jacket but the material is rather drab. I will probably have to dress this up with making a skirt or a pair of pants.