Thursday, July 22, 2010


Must be going through a slump. Tomorrow I am going to attempt to sew something. I really need to work with the hotpatterns marekesh pants. That's what stopped me dead in my tracks. I cut them out and they have just been laying around. I will look at that pattern again. Better yet I am going on Youtube to see if she shows how to put those pants together. There must be something that i am missing somewhere along the way.
Early on I looked at some videos for bags regarding studs. That's another thing I'm almost afraid to do...........must get rid of this fear of messing up and just jump in, after all I've been wearing my mistakes all this time and no has noticed. So why should anything be any different now?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

finished night gown

okay this looks like something I could get away with wearing outside. This does not look like something to sleep in. On the lower part of this garment I put in a flat felled seem or blue jean seam.
I finally got how it works. For the longest I couldn't figure it out visually by the videos and suddenly it clicked the other day. So I decided to test it out on something you can't really see. How dizzy can one get. Well if anything I will lounge around in this on a do nothing day. Even if it does say: naught & nice sugar and spice" I am really trying to learn. This is on a knit kinda fabric. I made another sleep item like this and it's lasted for more than two years and wears and washes really well. So I am going to wash this now and see how it holds under coming through a dryer. I like the design or maybe it's just the color that appeals to me.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I've got to put the finishing touches on this night gown. It was too short, so I have to lengthen it now. I looked over the hotpattern and still don't know quite what to do yet. If I don't figure it out before the weekend is over I will just make up something myself.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

blah tuesday

okay I know I should be beat with 30,000 wet noodles. I've been really procrastinating. I got the hotpatterns pants pattern last week. Cut out the material, and have looked at the pattern pieces, but can't figure out the directions on the waist band. I know it's something really simple, but I will get back to it some how. In the mean time what do I do? Decide to go to the second hand store and get some fabric for a 1.99 and make a night gown. Couldn't resist, because the fabric said: naughty and nice, sugar and spice" just what and old broad needs to be wearing to bed. Who the hell is going to see it? I tell you I don't know where my head is at times.
For the past few days I've felt like doing nothing. Last night I started on the night's really not a gown more a less decorated moo moo. I will be through with it tonight and take a picture of it. I really have to finish those pants, and if I can't follow the instructions then I will have to fudge on it myself. I hate doing that, but one of the problems is the patterns don't go step by step. It does say: 1, 2, but the instruction is printed out, and somehow I am not picturing it in my head. I will reread the instruction again. This is so frustrating.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


My friend in Chicago talked me into this blog...........and of all things she chooses to pick a picture of me that is totally bloated. Who could look any worse, but at my age I am not really caring too much. She chose the picture taken of me in front of a store front of food. Delicious food.........and I walked two doors down and ate a great big bowl of soup and veggie rolls. I am so glad there was no one there to take a picture of me eating my food. I think that would have been more embarrassing.

I now look back at some of the things I've posted. I've been going to the Janome forum and reading up more on my new sewing machine. I can't wait until I get that puppy home. It's going to be so much fun. Now I've got to figure out what I am going to buckle down and sew. Haven't heard from Britt in Sweden. I am going to let her be my inspiration on sewing bags. That's if I decide I want to go that route. But I have to admit she has given me a few ideas. My new Janome will sew 1,000 stitiches per minute. Do I need i must have it just in case. Just hope I don't end up burning out a motor.

Just got my Hot Patterns blouse design and the Marakesh drawstring pants. I am going to attempt to make the pants first. Cut out the material today. It's cheap and used. If I mess this up so what I will just look for the next project. The lady at explains so easily and of course with her english accent makes you sound like you are going to look so chique if you purchase her pattern. Although I will admit her pants made her look really good, although I don't have any muslin like the women instructed me to get. Next time I will make sure that I get a few yards of it. Well that's all for now........the next post will be a possibly a picture of the pants I make. There are only a couple of pieces. Oh...........this is my first time ordering her patterns and I think I will order more, because her patterns are not made of the cheap tissue paper. I'm not cutting into these either..............I am tracing...........that way I get everything back in the envelope without it looking stuffed. I'm learning!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

toronto pants

They fit fine, but I still am having problems with a good fit for the crotch. Although no one knows that but me. I always try to make room for my girth. In this case I noticed while wearing them that the front part of the crotch was a little too high.

So more than likely I will have to adjust them. Or just wait for the first washing. Which is what I was suppose to do in the beginning. I am also going to get some muslin and this time do all the adjusting on it. Other than that these pants give stretch when sitting, but they do wrinkle a I am not liking that at all..........maybe its the way I cut them. Live and learn. Sooner or later I will get it into my head to do the muslin thing. It's just so time consuming.............but it is worth it. It beats having experiences like this. Even though they look wonderful to you..........i'm the one who knows how they fit. The only thing I am really pleased with is the stitch quality on the fabric, which came out really good. I'm getting better in that department. In other words: you can't see my mistakes at all. Only I know which is a good thing but at the same time very nerve wracking.

Sunday, July 4, 2010


I am still coming down off my trip to Toronto. This has given me a new perspective on what I would like to do and where i'd like to go. I really enjoyed seeing the bustling of the city. It's really huge. I like the fact that you could get lost in it, there are so many people and so many things to see. Robin (host and friend) didn't get a chance to show a great deal, but for me she showed just enough of her town. I liked the foods can't you tell by the picture. Well I won't put all the blame on my visit, but thank God for casscara segrada. I really ate and some things i'd not tasted before. Next time I will come when the festivals are just beginning.

My host was really gracious and so was the rest of the family for putting up with me. Three weeks is a long stay. Not to mention the fact that I did most of the spending within the first week of being there. It was a tit for tat situation. I had to pull out my skills of doing I worked some but didn't mind at all considering the company. I so wanted to get more fabric. Just goes to show you things change. Prices do go up. I could have gotten a lot more material say 10yrs ago. Stupid of me to think things would still be the same. Never the less it was just an enjoyable time being around like minded people, and seeing the sites.

Toronto photos

My new friend is really having a good time, but she decided to give this pose. This is sunday going to church. The other picture is me in my element.......basking in the smell of fabric.