Thursday, April 16, 2009


Well so far I am taking some free courses from HP so I can figure out how to use some of this stuff on my high tech computer. I am trying to prepare myself for the pattern software I plan on purchasing. If i don't get this crap right then I could mess up big time. so i prefer not to be in the dark. It would help If I learn a little something. I might not be able to retain all of it, but at least some of the stuff will probably look familiar.

Saturday morning I am going to a textile swapmeet .....guess that what you call it. They say they might have fabric there. I am hoping that it won't all be cut up in squares for quilting. Since that seems to be the only thing that people are interested in lately. There is just something about cutting up squares and then sewing them back together in order to make a design that drives me nuts. Maybe it's just a visual thing. I am looking forward to this day and hope that maybe I might get some deals. I might think about taking the camera there so that i will have something to post. Let you know what i come up with.