Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Jeans almost finished

This is for the pockets, it is cotton like material. Finally I almost have the hang of doing a fly zipper.  I must work on getting the outside stitches looking just right.  I wanted to do a decorative stitch for the pockets.   I decided also that it's best using the blue jean thread instead of the coats thread.  Even though the blue jean thread is thicker, I use the regular thread for the bobbin.  This really works for me when putting in the button holes.  I can keep the top yellow and use black for the bobbin.  I did the same thing with the jacket I made earlier.  I used the black thread on top and blue for the bobbin to match the lining of the jacket.   

I have been playing around with making these jeans for the past two weeks on and off.   I chose again to use semi stretch denim.   There really is a trick to using this stuff.   I forgot to wash the fabric first and decided that I would go ahead and make the pants.  This pair is made without a pattern, I am doing a copy from another pair of jeans I made with no pattern.   I really have to muster up the guts to use Peggy Sagers pattern, which I am going to do, that said here is are the jeans almost finished in time for me to volunteer for the sewing expo next Friday.  I am also going to have to make a quick blouse or something to go along with the pants.  I am really getting to be lazy with wanting to buy something.  Every time I pass buy and look at a blouse now........I tell myself: "oh I can make that" of course it might not look like it does in the store, but I will try and get as close as I can to it.

Even though I am going to be a greeter this year, I want to come a little early to look around at some of the vendors.    Probably just the same people as usual.  All of the good classes were taken earlier in the months. I should have signed up for it then, just slipped my mind I guess.  Next year I will sign up early.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

the funny button

Here's the button I was going to force on this jacket.  I thought I could trick myself into thinking I was making an artistic statement.  This looks like had I worn it outside, someone would have arrested just for the shear heck of this would be an acid trip gone bad.   Some of the things we tell ourselves is just amazing!

right button color

Well I went out to Hancock fabrics, and got the right color buttons for this jacket.   After sending some of the photos of the button I was going to try and force on this jacket to look right; against my better judgment.  I had a friend make fun of that button so bad, until I couldn't help but laugh, and of course she was right.   I even showed the flower button to the guy fixing the electrical socket in my bathroom, because I was still laughing at the email I had received from my friend.   He looked at the flower button and said, "wow"  now that's bad when you know this man doesn't know anything about sewing or a sewing machine, but his statement told me that my friend was right as well.  So, what on earth was I thinking?  What told my eyes that I could pull this button off on this jacket?  Haven't a clue.  If the jacket looks a little lopsided it's the way I have in on the hanger.   Tried it on, and it doesn't look the way I had pictured it in my mind.

The button holes were the hardest, because I had to do them manually on my Bernina.  The button was to large to fit on the Janome, and Brother.  So I had to use my Bernina for manual.  I knew that I could make them as long as I needed to fit the button.  The jacket over all has a boxy look, and now I look like a Greenbay packer with gas.  Sooner or later I am going to make something that looks right, in the mean time I can get away with this, and no one will care except me.