Tuesday, December 21, 2010


This is my new sewing room. I've been here for all of two and a half weeks. I made a plain beige sweat shirt with eygptian thread decoration on the sleeves. I tried to take a photo of it, but botched it up. As you know I am just trying to figure out things regarding pictures on the blog sight. I kinda like this sweat shirt. But even more I am really delighted with my new residence. I have more than enough room. So from this point on, I will make this my creative place. It's nice to have room in which to put things. Now I've got to find the places in which to put them.
So it's all a matter of organization. Which will be coming to a theatre near you. I even like the location of my new place. Although it seems like miles to get from point A to B..............checked out the places for fabric. Only Mill End Fabric. I don't know the street yet, but I will pay attention to the stop on my next bus ride. JoAnne fabric is around here somewhere, but I won't be going there any time soon. I hate that place. By the way I am in Burnsville, Mn which is a subburb of Minneapolis. Never thought I would be moving this far out south. But everything is right here at my finger tips so to speak.

In the mean time it looks like I will be getting the Janome sometime in June. But this move took out November and December payments. That's alright as long as I have the other two machines to fall back on. After I get the 7700 I have one more plan. I won't even mention it right now. Will keep that to myself until it comes true then I'll tell you. Still have not spent any money on fabric yet. I will be adding that along the way. I think I will do my shopping on line. Will follow the ladies from various sights getting their imput. I also have to find some type of sewing groups out this way. More networking. ciao for now