Thursday, June 21, 2007


Today I was in the mood to sew, and cut out this material. Something told me to make a shirt. But no I wanted to make a skirt to go with this white t shirt I made. I sewed the sides together and I look like a stuffed sausage do not even need elastic, my stomach is so huge with this thing on. I know I can not be that blown up. For God sake. well guess I will have to wait for my stomach to go down or live on laxatives or better yet just wait for a smaller size. what a disappointment. I should follow my first mind.

Monday, June 18, 2007

my bag, really purse

I like this bag because I use it a great deal, I can no longer have the regular bag hang on my shoulders without there being discomfort. So I made this and it works pretty well. It's made out of upholstery squares, and it wears pretty well. In the background are my embroidery threads, that don't get used much because I have yet to purchase the embroidery cards for my brother ulitma 2003. The problem is that there are only 20 designs for 30.00 and I want more for my money. In the mean time I will try to find another way to download designs.

fabric sick

well I wake at 3:15 in the am because I can't sleep. I am going through internet salivating over possibilities on how I am going to support my habit. You know most people have help, like husbands and stuff like that. I know someone who has a husband that would buy her moon dust if she asked for it. On numerous topics she would ask why do I worry. "it's not that I worry and by the way it's easy for you to say, you have someone to support your habit." I wonder why people do that, tell you not to worry and here they are coasting like they don't have a care in the world. I don't worry I just think of ways on how I could possibly support my habit. You always want something more when you don't have the dough to get it. That's just a fact of life.

I wonder what on earth is store for me, or what's lurking around the corners. More and more I just want to be to myself and be with nothing but sewing crap. Someone told me to get a life, well this is quickly turning up to be my life. I look at these blogs and boy these women are talking about planting their gardens ( I can draw a picture of one in my head) they talk about their vacations and I can't relate, except we have one thing in common sewing. Of course they all no doubt were supported by their husbands. I wonder had I caught this bug earlier in life where I would be at the moment. Well I'm not jealous don't have that nature, but reading their blogs makes me hunger for things. I will just learn to except what I have and really find a way to get more stuff at any chance I get. I already have dreams of having a sewing room, that would be neat. money money money, and how to make money, keep money to make more money! what a circle.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

late night sewing

Well last night for some reason I decided that I would make some pajamas at 10:30 at night. Now earlier I wanted to sew something but just kept putting it off. The reason. I do not have the fabric that I want to work on something that I could make to wear out in the street. On a close out sale from hancock fabrics I got some ugly material. It is a beatle baily cartoon pattern, with things to read on them. Well I know i can not wear this out in the street so i decided to sleep in it. Well I look just like an add for a cartoon newspaper. I really must watch the things i pick to sew on. In the mean time I have been blogging since 11:30 this morning and have not got one thing done except eating a buffalo burger. what a morning. I have been going through the sites and reading things, some pretty good articles, some of them leave you a little side tracked. I do not think that i will take a picture of this outfit. it is to be worn in the house. I finished the top this morning, and it is stretch material just what a large end needs. thank god for stretch material.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

some people are rude

I emailed somebody from another blogging site regarding sewing. I mentioned that I had considered moving to minnesota to because of the textile industry there. I did not tell her about other reasons I was thinking about moving there. she sent me a one line are thinking about moving to minnesota for fabric...get a life! man some people. she could have worded it much better. I did not do anything but laugh. now that I know there are other sewing blogs out there I am going to check things out. hopefully I will meet someone that has a little more tact.

dangerous mind

Today is saturday and I am going to try and sew something. I have to force myself. My mind is a dangerous place to be when i don't feel like doing anything. Heat makes me really tired before the day even starts. Yesterday one of my neighbors said her sister went out and found some fabric for me at two dollars. It will be interesting to see what she found. If it's a gold mind I think I am going to kiss her! I remember the last semi gold mind I got from an old friend of 97yrs. old. She used to be a seamstress and had old fabric pieces in bags that she's stashed for years. Well anyway I found a night gown and it was brand new. Ditzy me went to bed with it that night, and I tell you I woke up bitten from head to all over my arms and chest. Not knowing what was going on I figured some kind of bug slipped into the house, because I keep the windows open.

I had numerous bites in the same spot. It was almost as if I had been attacked by something terribly ugly. I went to the drugstore and asked the lady to look at my arms and she her mouth just feel open. She called the druggist who gave me a look of either puzzlement or you poor nasty person I don't know which. He came me a box of nit for lice or something. I said I didn't have lice, but naturally I would have to be a nasty broad. Then I called my friend Earnie and she told me it was bedbugs. I didn't even know how you got them. I'm not nasty and couldn't figure out where they would come from. Then she told me to get a bottle of lavender and dilute in water and then spray it all over the bed and I wouldn't be bitten. I had to do this every day for a week until they (bugs all died) after the attack I put 2 & 2 together. I realized that it was my old friends stash that was loaded with the bugs. I remember stuff being so dusty I sneezed. Thank God I didn't put on the fur neck wrap i would have been raw meat. So when I get this stash monday you better believe I am going to go over it a fine tooth come. Or better yet don't take any chances and wash the crap.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


okay these pants make me look like a walking curtain. However I made a white blouse to go with them. I am so tired of making pants with elastic. I still haven't mastered the crotch part, and to top that off my ass looks wider than two baseball fields. It looked refreshing to say the least when I wore them. I want my clothes to look store brought. This is the look I'm going for...every thing must look a certain way. I want to sew and be able to trick the eye into believing that I may have brought the outfit. This is to make up for my not being able to afford to buy a 145.00 skirt. I've not brought close in so long that I forgot that things do go up. When I find a way to make my underwear I will be doing that also. I think it's just ridiculous the prices people pay for clothing that half the time doesn't last long.

my first blouse with a good collar

this was the first time I made a blouse and figured out how to connect the collar without a bulge. I messed up on the button holes and used green thread, however I should have used white thread. The holes weren't properly spaced, and the darts where put in right, but I still look a little to boxy in the shirt. I now have to learn how to really match my pieces of fabric to make an ensemble that works.

skirt and top

It appears I can only post one thing a time, the skirt and top only cost me three dollars to make. I got it out of a place some ladies dubbed "Bloomingdales" I thought they really meant the name. come to find out it's a second hand store. Of course word of mouth spread and now I can't get any damn material at all. It was a secret for a while. The lady who told me the secret made sure that she collected everything and brought everything in site, and that's why there's nothing left. I refuse to go to the store at 5:00 in the morning. It appears there are people coming out of every rock you can think of to get this material.

I"m finding out that people who sew are really hoarders. One of the ladies I know has a closet stuffed with so much crap she can't even open the door without something falling out. She's the one that will tell me where you can find something dirt cheap after she purchases it, and then puts in on craigs list. So I am learning. If I find something that has deals like that, I won't tell a soul either until it's all gone. It looks like I am going to have to teach myself to sew. All of the courses cost money. To begin to find material that I can half way afford is a pain is the ass. I wish I knew of some places that I could purchase material. I want to at least look like I have a wardrobe. I'm working on it though. I still think that I should check out a place. Until I get my ducks in a row I'm not budging. I would have gone this month, but my granddaughter graduated from eighth grade. You could have sworn these girls were going to a movie premiere. My granddaughter is only 14, and had on 3inch heels that she could barely walk in.

She was walking like both legs were broken at the knee. It was really hilarious. I made a few comments but of course I was told by my daughter and granddaughter that I was too old fashion. Today heels are a right of passage. What ever happened to pumps? Heels are for highschool at least that's what I thought. some of these girls had breast that should be on 40yr. old women. I began to wonder what food they ate. Thank God my grandchild has breasts like two fried eggs, well really poached eggs. It's normal looking. she's a pretty girl. Well next month there shouldn't be any reason at all why I can't go to the place to check things out.

this is moi

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


The other day I took some photos of my hodge podge sewing. The camera made me really look like I know what I am doing. The pictures looked really nice. Although I am going to have to work with more solid colors so that things are balanced in the closet. Still thinking about moving though. Right now it is just a thought. I just wonder what is around the corner for me. Someone pointed out to me that it would really be silly to move to another state based upon fabric. I don't feel it would be silly just kind of funny, not to mention all of the sewing people I would meet.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

let my brain rest

Now I have to let my brain rest, I think I am going in overdrive. There's this mad sense of urgency to do something. yesterday I went to see Sandra, by way of Toria picking me up to go there. Anyway about three yrs. ago 5 ladies got together who love to sew, and they promptly fell to pieces within six month. Only two of stay keep in contact with each other. Hence me seeing Sandra's been three years since I've seen her. As usual Sandra was so busy on the phone she didn't even looked up briefly and I do mean briefly. Well Toria and I waited until she finished her business of ordering dinners. She fries up meat for some of the grocery stores. After 10mins. of listening her finish off the orders, she finally saunters over to me to give me a hug. She then says, "girl I've been so busy" and I said, "I know it's been three years hasn't it? Then all three of us started to laugh. I know she is a busy women but I refuse to get into a one sided friendship. I get so tired of that. I just hear from two of the ladies. Toria, and Priscilla, other than that I don't hear from anyone anymore. We were going to do so much as far as sewing is concerned. Both ladies are really strong sewers. If they got the time to show me something, well jack sprat grew onions out of his ass. I hate when people say, "oh that's easy, I'm going show you how to this and that, and then I'll get you this and that, and then they never come through. I hate it when people aren't dependable. I just want to scream.
so I am going to learn to do the sewing by myself. They shared the talk but not the walk. I'll just buy more books and tapes and whatever. That's what I'll do. In the mean time I have to find somewhere to go...and I really don't know if I am going to be....and pray, pray, pray

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

no move for me

well today I get an email from a lady in minnesota who says, "I'll have to admit I am a bit reluctant in encouraging you to come out here." "The people here are stoic, and Nordic" She brought to my attention the Edmond Bahai community is all of 40,000 capared to Minnesota 400,000 and in Chicago we have an even larger population. Most large cities that have Bahai's are not so apt to be close knit like the smaller communities are. I emailed the lady and told her thank you for being more insightful than the other ladies I talked to. The lady even suggested that I might want to pioneer in the faith. That is really not my cup of tea. Unless it was in a foriegn country. With the Bahai' s they always want to send you to Africa and that is not a place I would want to be. Nice place to visit don't want to live there. Now if they told me Italy, Germany I would go but even then there would be a language barrier. The last time the I was sent an email for pioneering it was in a remote pacific island. Where they speak french. I'm ass backwards, can read it, and pronounce it but can't speak a lick. So that was out of the question. Well the air is left out of this balloon. Now it's on to another place. I was really trying to find a way to get out of here. I refuse to spend another winter freezing my ass off.

early morning rise

This is not my morning with this blog thing. But it's really the least of my worries. This morning I arose at 3:45 and of all places New Zeland popped up in my head concerning fabric. That would be the ulitimate f0r me to leave this place and go there and shop till my hearts content. Right now my mind is a jumble with moving and thinking about ways to support my habit of fabric. I'm running out of options it seems. I have even been nurturing the thought of moving to Minneapolis because they have so much fabric there.
If I could find a way to move to Canada and deteriorate gracefully this would be fine for me. I just want to be in a place that supports my craft and craft people. Not the kind that glue shit together and call it art. That's not for me. I want to be more creative. Right now my mind thinks creative but my body has not followed my mind. Sometimes it feels like I am suffering needlessly. Just a lot of internalizing. When I get on the bus and look at downtown Chicago I don't want to move. But our archetecture is not helping me one itota. I know I don't want to move back to Seattle. Too much rain and my joints can't take that it seems. Then I don't want to move down south. Someone said, "why do you want to freeze you ass off in Minnisota? I said, "I'm not going there to freeze, I'm going there to for housing, and fabric and to be close to Canada"
When I lived in Seattle I loved going across the border to Canada just shopping for fabric. This is the reason I wanted to move to Minnisota, because my logical mind was thinking I would be closer to this goal. All I have is my dreams, and it seems like even that is expensive.

Monday, June 4, 2007

virgin post

this is the first time for me, and i'll think of stuff to say later. It will be very interesting for sure.