Monday, October 19, 2009


Today I spoke to a member of the american sewing guild. She was nice but we'll see how things go. We were discussing how things are run and which type of groups that I might be able to join. Also how close they are. It appears that the majority of these places are really far out in the sub burbs as is the usual case, and the rest of them are in St. Paul.
I've been checking out St. Paul lately and so far i like what I saw. I am anxious to meet someone who can share my enthusiasim. It would be nice. I am trying to find a meeting place that we might show up in, also I would like to meet more than just one day out of the month I'd feel cheated. I'm also told that if I join the guild that I would get discounts on fabric and stuff. Can't add up to to much. I am keeping my fingers crossed on another thing, I dare not say it, also I found a Janome dealer but I've got find out whether or not I would be able to reach this place by bus. This is my biggest drawback since moving from Seattle. No car, and boy do I miss having one.

the inside of the poncho

I did not mean to show two of these pictures. I'll get this right yet. I've been fidling around with this camera all day. Lost the pictures, duplicated pictures, deleted pictures. Sooner or later I'll get it. It's just remembering all of the is crap.

todays poncho

Sunday, October 18, 2009