Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Today I decided that I wasn't going to watch Regis and Kelly. Why should I watch them make money? I decided I was not going to watch the "view" to watch Barbara babble over stuff. There are days I can't take her, love her but she is nerve racking. Anyway just the same tired stuff and I thought to myself: " This is two hours you can be doing something with a UFO. So I started on something that is summery kinda. It doesn't matter.

I am also really going to invest in some pattern software. I tried to go over the sunburst pattern, and I tell you and a builder must have designed those patterns. I've tried twice to connect the dots. Thought I had it, maybe I will try again. So I put that down and worked on these summer slacks. It was piecing. That took me two hours. I am going to try making my own pattern. Maybe I could work with the tracing paper and write down my measurements. One of my neighbors is coming over to use my machine on Friday for a blind hem. She claims hers doesn't have a blind stitch, and maybe I can get her to take some measurements, and then I will trace them on paper. In the mean time I will just have to sew with no patterns. They are really nerve wracking. Going to still take pictures of my mistakes and wear everyone of them.

Friday, January 21, 2011

shower curtains

The first picture I put grommets on the curtain. I sent the photo to one of my opinionated sewing friends. She said the curtain looked fab, but it would look better with button holes.

So I cut off the top part of the curtain and added the 3 inches or more in the second photo and made button wholes. I have to admit it looks much better. So from this point on I will make buttons holes if I am going to make a shower curtain. I love the fabric, however it bleeds on the sewing machine, so I know what this will do in water, there will be dye everywhere. I should have washed the fabric first but didn't think to do it, because I love the richness of the fabric and how crisp it felt. Now all I have to do is get some towels to set this color scheme off.

Friday, January 14, 2011

sewing divas

Well I've just spent the last hour or so looking the sewing divas blog. When I see some of the things these women are doing I just want to throw up my hands. It is nice and does make you want to do something. So this is just an incentive to want to create something for myself. I have a plan that I dare not mention at this time, but if this comes into light then I will be well on my way.

Went to the Bernina blog to catch up on what going on there. Lets face it I am just a sewing machine junky. Bernina though really is my first love machine. When I get this Janome 7700 I want to see how it feels or works out should I say. Bernina people are snooty it seems.........but they are so loyal to their machines. As practically all the ladies who just get a certain machine and it talks to you. Tomorrow I'm going on a dream workshop. I would like dream up some more that I have something for the summer.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


I know this is a new year so I've decided among other things, to really throw myself into being creative. I was looking over the sunburst pattern booklet that I paid 198.00 for. The lady designed her book after the lutterlogh system. That's the picture I meant to upload on the left not of myself. You are suppose to trace these lines according to your measurements. I'm going to fiddle around with it again tomorrow. So tired of sewing and getting by. I am going to really push myself this time. Tomorrow I am also going to go to Millend fabrics in my new neighborhood. There's a 60% sale of fabric.

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Well here it is 2nd day of the new year. I decided this morning that I would try and sew something. I really am doing a half ass job which is unlike me, but this doesn't look too bad. For some reason I just wanted to piddle around doing something. So far in my new place.......i've been trying to get used to all of the room, and then having a sewing room. Now you think I would be tickled pink. However I looked at a blog yesterday and noticed how organized the sewing room was and realized I've got a lot of work to do. Maybe this will inspire me to do more things.

I've got to get my mojo back. On the 30th of December I decided to go to a sewing shop. I asked the gentleman if he was going to be doing hiring for a part time job. He told me to come back in the spring. This is a Bernina and Elna shop. What a combination. Of course I wanted to let the guy know that I am somewhat sewing savvy. Let him know that I am familiar with machines. Now Bernina was the first company I wanted to work with, because I have a 160 which is older than juju dust. I talked to the guy for at least 10 minutes. I told him that I would like to be loyal to one sewing company. Wouldn't it be a hoot if this guy hired me in spring?

Don't forget this is the first place I wanted to work for. I told the guy that I had a Janome 7700 on lay-a-way and that it would be out in spring. He showed me an elna same type as the Janome and had the dial as the 7700. Come to find out Janome brought Elna. So now both machines are made by the same company. You learn something everyday. I am going to get back in touch with this guy toward the end of March. I am determined to work with what I love doing. Shooting the breeze about sewing machines and using them. I explained to him that Bernina is the kind of sewing machine you buy alla carte cause they have 70 feet. The only company that has that many feet. I still like Janome. More bang for your buck, followed by brother. I certainly like the elegante2.............and wish I could spring the deal that was proposed to me the other day. 3999.00 trade in for my brother ult. what a deal. That's half off of the original price.

Mentally salivating. I sincerely hope my friend in Toronto does not procrastinate and get the Janome I told her about when i was there last summer. She said things came up and they do, but she could have almost be through paying for it. I am really trying going to go back up there. So I will start saving for some fabric. ciao for now