Monday, September 20, 2010

long time

well bless me for I've not sewn in since July. I believe that was the last picture post. I still have my sewing machine on lay-a-way and really wish I were closer to paying it off. Doesn't look like I will get it out until next year some time. I was misquoted on the price or maybe I misunderstood, more than likely it was the latter.

I thought I was paying for the 6600 price toward the 7700 and now it looks I am going to pay an extra 1200 dollars more. I really don't feel like upgrading now since it's taking so long. First off there are some complaints on the 7700 and probably by the time I get mine all of the kinks will be ironed out. It seems like the ladies are really torn between the 6600 since it was and is still the most reliable. However many times when new machines come out there are always kinks in them. So I will just wait. Right now I've got a money kink.

Haven't been able to buy material. The only good thing is being an ambassador for the sewing expo November 11-12-13 so at least I get to see a few things. Of course buying a few things is something I would love to do, but don't know whether or not that will be likely. I will be there all day though. In addition to that.............I am moving to a bigger apartment. Looks like I will have to go south to do so. This is really a crunch. I am praying for some miracles...........which will be here any day now...............anything is possible.