Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sewing machine cover

As usual I got side tracked.  I was going to start cutting out pieces for a jacket from Great Copy Pattern,  which I was doing.  After now knowing that I will not be moving I decided to put up my new sewing table, given to me by A-1 sewing.   It's really a nice sturdy table.  Then I decided to make a covering for my Janome sewing machine. These are pieces with no particular shape that I cut up to make this covering.   I already had made a cover for my Brother, but didn't want to use it for the Janome.  Everything has it's place.   I am going to continue to keep the old sewing table and put the brother sewing machine on it, then that way I switch to either table.   Of course I have to find out where a screw goes on the Brother before I use the machine.  Now that I have it cleaned I can start to embroider a few things.  

  I took the whole machine apart, and put a drop of oil in the designated places.   I should have taken the machine apart section by section, but I was trying to follow the photo shown on the sight that describes how to fix you machine.   Lesson well learned. Now that I am through with making the cover I will more than likely start on the jacket again.  Of course there is also one jacket that I need to finish for the is fleece and I would like to put a flannel lining in it, as I think it would be warmer, and I can get away with wearing it during the month of October.  I will volunteer for the sewing expo this year, and take some photos.  Hopefully I will get a chance to meet Peggy Sagers face to face.

  I also noticed that on that Sandra Betzina will be teaching a course on pants I believe.   So far my fall is going to be busy.  Still looking for another way to make some bags, that might bring in extra change, however I don't have a set style just yet.   Monday or Tues.  I will check out Ikea.......they do have some fabric for Pillows and I could possibly make bags as well, but would like to have a lining backing.  I am really going to come up with some type of design.  But first things first.  I am going to get Peggy's dress form as I watched her video on how to add more  padding to make the dress form almost to my shape.  She suggest that the forms that have the dials are not that reliable, and with taking a padding or adding padding is a more accurate and smoother way to a good dress form.  All i have to do is take my measurements.   The next step is another Iron.   I've really run my Rowenta in the ground.  The cord now gets hot, and that's not a good sign.  So I will look for another style.  More than likely I should have this around the second month of the year.  

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

done at last!

If  I ever see this fabric again, I will run as fast as I can out of it's path.  This upholstery fabric starts coming apart as soon as you cut it.  Towards the end of putting the straps on the machine stalled, because the fabric was too dense putting the straps under the machine.  So I took out my trusty Bernina, only because I knew that this was going to work better; however I still had the same problem with the density of this fabric.  So I partly used the machine, and in the corner of the lining I hand sewed.

Monday, September 10, 2012

This is the bag I'm almost finished with, all I have to do is sew in the lining and put the handle on.  This is upholstery fabric.  It frays really bad, and I had to double stitch each row at the top for the pockets.  The lining is regular cotton with batting.  I also decided to hand sew the pocket with a double stitch used in couture sewing.  It's a pretty sturdy stitch, and it really keeps the bag from being bulky.  The bag feels more sturdy, however even though this bag looks sturdy it just may well be that the threads will not tighten until it is washed.  That's a long way off though.  I also finished watching the Susan Kalji couture class, but the pattern hasn't arrived yet.  I will go step by step when it does arrive, and watch the class again.   Now that I think about it, fitting yourself is not all that easy, especially since Susan says it is really crucial that the measurements be exact.  Of course this will mean that I have to get some muslin, or maybe a sheet in my case, either way this is a project that you really have to work very closely with, or have assistance.