Tuesday, August 23, 2011

train ride

I had to go into town to see about my mouth which is still giving me the blues.  That was monday.  On my way back home I ran into a young lady.  Of course I asked her if she sewed.  I told her about some things I read on line about more and more women sewing, especially younger women.  It seems because of Project Run (tv show) way there has been this interest in creating ones own styles.  These people are all late.  They will find out that sooner or later they will become hooked on anything sewing.

The young lady said she didn't know how to sew.  That's the wrong thing to say to me.  Well I said, "I don't know what the hell I'm doing either, there are books and DVDs out here and I am teaching myself.  Although there are times that I do more talking about sewing than I do the sewing.  With me things come in waves.  Well the young lady asked me what sewing machine to buy.  Wrong question to ask moi, because I love talking about sewing machines, and I mentioned two that I thought would best suit her needs.  She sounded really interested.  I gave her my blog site and the young lady's stop came up, and she said she would go on my site.  Well that day made me really feel good, those few minutes really made me feel good.  I love talking and sharing, exchanging.............but when someone doesn't know anything, well the flood gates open.  I forgot to ask the child's name.  I thought about how I had developed diarrhea of the mouth.  That's awful but it still felt good. As soon as I am back in the pink I shall resume my sewing.   Just think my baby (Janome 7700) will be home in a few more weeks.  I've got to go out looking for a table.  She is a big machine. 

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Silhouette Patterns

Yesterday I learned how to use the french curve from the Silhouette Patterns website.  All this time I've had this instrument and didn't know how to use it. Peggy Sagers does a good job of showing you how to use the curve.  I believe I mentioned that I met her briefly at the sewing expo last year.  After watching her on the media center it makes me really want to get a few things from her.  That is a good way to introduce your product by letting people see what the videos are about.  Now I won't hesitate to get something of hers.

  At one point she said that she had done an article for "Threads" magazine some time back in issue #99.   I will have to see if I can find that article.  Anyway she showed how to use the curve for arms, hips, and neck line.  I will finish looking at the other webcast.  I really am going to invest in her videos.  She says that videos are really good to learn from rather than the books.  I think a combination of both is a good idea.  Sometimes the books that are in just black and white are not good for me at all.  The pictures help more than anything.  With Peggy she is actively showing you how to work with something.  There are also two pant patterns of hers that I would like to purchase as well.

I also went to look at Islander sewing, and it appears that Peggy dvds are a bit cheaper.  Really all it takes is someone to go through something step by step and I will get it.   The other thing I am going to get is the dress form.  I am going to need this for draping.  I like the Rowenta iron that she had and that was really good for using the steam.  Another thing she talked about was Yoga Pants, it seems that these are really in because they are versatile and can be either dressed up or down.  So I might get that pattern as well.  She even informed you about the fabric called: "ponta roma knit"  hadn't heard of it, but may have seen it.  Well now I am on to watching something else.  Tomorrow I will be out of the loop because I am having oral's always something.  So I might be out of commission for a few days.   

Sunday, August 7, 2011


Still just breezing along with the breeze.  Although I didn't do any sewing Saturday or today due to feeling crappy; I still decided to watch some sewing videos.  I really like Silhouette Patterns.  I went on to the sewing forum in the U.K. and a woman referred me to the Silhouette sight.  I saw this lady at the sewing expo, she is a teacher and makes this look so easy.  Yesterday I watched the blue jean video on the website.  These are videos are around 30 minutes long.  The blue jean was really interesting, and the instructor stated in order to get the denim more pliable to let the denim soak or wash in two cans of coke.  It has something to do chemistry of the denim and coke.   I thought that was interesting.  Today I decide to look at the a blouse technique that is used in the industrial industry.   The blouse came out really nice and she didn't use a stabilizer for the collar, and it stood up just right.  Ordinarily I would use pellon.  This all depends on the fabric that you are using of course.   Well if I am feeling up to it I will go back to working on something tomorrow.  I am keeping my word though, if I am not doing something in sewing, I will be reading something in sewing, or viewing something in sewing.  

Monday, August 1, 2011


Well today I just looked at the dress that I am making.  Instead I decided to just go see what the girls are up to, and again that will give me some incentive to go forward.  Although I will admit it's hard concentrating when you know something is going on with your wisdom tooth.  Always something isn't it?   I am also looking at fashion a little more and think this is going to be beneficial.  Something that one of the ladies on a youtube video said: "if you want to spend all that money for a sewing machine go right ahead, it's not how is expensive the machine is, but what you can do with the sewing machine.   I just went to another friends house today.  His wife has a 9000 memory craft Janome! 

The machine is sitting in the box.  Every time I find someone with a machine that they are not using just makes me want to scream.  It's  almost unbearable for me to see.  I have another friend that has a sewing machine and it sits there.   I tell you I could just blow a gasket.  Well I guess the good thing is they have them.  Me I use mine.  However I am going to take into consideration that having the top of the has it's perks, but also there is some validity to using what you have and it's practical.  Now a days getting a new machine is not all it's cracked up to be.  I will admit I am a sewing machine nut, and fabriholic, you can never get too much of either.  I just find them fascinating.  I like how they sound, look, feel, just everything about them.  I am noticing to that some of the women have vintage machines. I think they look so classy.