Friday, November 21, 2008

the mother load!

Well today I went to the "mother load " of fabric stores it seems. I went with two ladies. I have the pictures but of course I have this imac and can't download a thing right now. I wish you could have seen my eyes pop out of my head practically as I oohed as soon as I came through the door. I was instantaneously visually drunk with wonderment on how big this place was, and every inch of it covered with fabric. I didn't know which to direction to go first. I asked, Linda (the friend of Sue) to take a picture of me. I was grinning like queen in boys town. I didn't know what to touch first.

I even took off my coat because I felt like a pilgrim on virgin land. Well not quite, I knew that others had walked my path but I was a virgin on this conrete. Well I thought I was bad with wonderment you should have seen Sue, and she's been there before! she just made these sounds as she touched the fabric. "oh look ! she says, "isn't this the prettiest green, it will make a nice scarf" Yes I say, and around the corner I go to look at something else. Well I was doing the same thing as well. This store has everything. Tapestry, and just bolts and bolts of fabric piled so high up to the ceiling. You have to ask for help on that. I might add that I left today at 12 noon, and didn't get home until 5:00 pm boy time flies when you are looking at fabric. They even had leather pieces of it in big barrels at 3.99 a square yd. Then there were big patches of canvas and of course I was salivating on other fabric and Sue managed to pick up perriwinkle. I love that color.

Wish you could have seen me trying to dig through the barrel looking for that color. This store had rolls of elastic at 20 cents a yard! So i got 7yrds. That's a steal, then I got some coat fabric for 10.00 a yard, so I have two shirts, 2 bags. My stash is so low you wouldn't believe. I had saved up for this because Linda told me weeks ago that she was going to tell Sue about me. Sue is a crafter and does marvelous work with painting fabrics and bordering with quilt like affects. so I really and I do mean really suffered to get this change up, in light of everything that's happened to me this month. Even though this store has everything in it, it's not the store that you go to every time you want something, because you would need exactly 300.00 each time you go at least thats what i would like to take with me. So I am going to remember that, and go to the other store....because I can get stuff at 1.99 a yd. because I can come out with more outfits.

While I walked I was in true pain, but I tell you that you've never seen anyone smile through it. I was in heaven. Now if they just had some machinery I would have dripped all over the store. I won't get greedy. But I can tell you that I won't be going back there until February. I've already got it planned. Sue knows the places to go. So I am going to save myself the time and take her advice on these two places. I might just order on line. The damage is done for today. Now if I can get the camera to work I will post those pictures. I have another person that says she is interested in sewing. Well she wanted to use my sewing machine, and I had to explain to her that asking that question is like asking me, "can I wear your drawers? it's that serious people! The lady didn't take it the wrong way, but i am going to get her hooked. I am going to get her to buy the notions first, and then every time I buy fabric I am going to show her, sooner or later she has got to weaken, especially when she sees me wearing what i showed her. Well this was really a wonderful day, I met another person who drools over fabric just like me. She's a fabraholic. I was drunk today in that fabric shop. I didn't feel it all, until I sat down in the car.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

another fabric place

Yesterday I was hell bent on going to this Crafty Planet place. I got the directions from the bus operator and off I went. Now the bus operator neglected to tell me that I should connect to another bus on Johnson street. I ended up getting of the bus across a bridge. To make matters worse I had to pee. So like radar I scope another place across the street hoping to find a place that will let me use there bathroom. I end up in a scented shop of some sort. I ask the lady for directions and also can i use their restroom.

I go back outside as instructed to find the bench and sit there impatiently waiting for the bus. It finally arrives. I stupidly ask a passenger on the bus..."do you know where crafty planet is ? no says the lady, but then I hear a guy saying, 'yeah you get off where i get off I used to work there" So i get off and the guy directs me to the back of a building telling me to follow the bike path. There's no bike path. I am now approaching a lady with two dogs. I ask her does she know where the shop is. "oh you have to get back on the bus and go over the hill. I should have looked at the address. As i walk down the street i realize i am on 18th street. The address say 2800 something. How dumb can you be. Then to pay attention people you think they know what they are talking about cause you are not from this place and learning your way around.

The temperature is now dropping. I am really in a funky mood. Here comes the bus, and off i go again. When i finally approach my stop I look over to my right and there is the crafty planet. I am so disappointed. I am thinking thinking that since the last word is planet it is a huge place and I planned on wasting at least an hour. I walk in to the shop. The place should be called Crafty Nook it's too small, but they have nice stuff in there and none of it I am interested in. They are all cotton prints. All the prints are 8.99 that was not happening with my pocketbook. So I tried to enjoy my 10minute scope of things and decided there nothing i was going to buy. Now I have to wait for 30minutes for the bus. Off i go with no fabric in hand. such was my day. Monday or tuesday I am going to go to another place. I've got to find which place is going to be my fabric home. Mill end is a definite, but i think I am going to like the other place as well. I should be sewing something but right now haven't set up things just yet. I need some fabric for two more pants.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

going hunting

Well I finally got a chance to see one of the MN stores. I called transit information to get the directions. Ironically I just magically got an operator who sews! She said, "I do all of my shopping there, but you have to dig for your deals." They don't have things in order like the other stores, that's why they are so cheap." I told the lady you are like music to my ears. Now the lady said that this was the closet shop. So on the bus I go for my first journey. It seemed like forever, because i don't know where the hell I am going.

When i get off the bus after what seems like an hour ride. I realize i am in no mans land. But i spot my treasure spot. I walk in the place and automatically my nose starts to plug up from the dust. I get so excited trying to calm myself but quietly. When you walk in the door the patterns are to your left. Then the material starts. I didn't know what direction to go in. The store is the size of a Hancock store, but they've got so much packed into that space. I was expecting a larger place. I actually had to take my coat off because i was overheating with contentment. Man did i find deals. I walked away with wool that was 4.99 but i got it at 1.99 because a lady in the store gave me a 60% coupon. I got four shirts, one jacket and a pair of pants. That would have cost me at least 79.00 to 100.00 bucks. I got them all for half that price. Had i had another coupon I would have gotten it for less. Well I will try to make another journey.

I think I am going to like it here. I've found out though that a lot of the sewing people seem to reside in ST. Paul but I've not ventured down there or maybe i just haven't found the minneapolis crowd yet. I am really looking forward to going up to Canada to hunt for fabric. If I could just find someone who is a fabraholic like me it would be so much fun. But for now I am enjoying this. I am going to find my way to the other stores when the weather permits. I have to tell you I felt drunk in that store going through the stuff. I spent an hour in there and then my back started to hurt and I had to leave, but i happilly limped to the busstop with my treasures. I didn't get a chance to salivate over the other stuff....darn!