Tuesday, June 25, 2013

work in progress 1st quilt

The first picture is what the back of the blanket will look like, and the second is scraps from a 15.00 bundle I thought these colors would pop out on the lime green.  I now know that I don't have enough pieces to make a quilt like design, so I am going to applique these squares, and then embroider the baby's name on the top of the quilt before pinning and making the sandwich.  Mind you I have no idea of how this is going to turn out.  I have between now and the 23rd when my grandkids com to visit me.  Can't call them kids these are adults.  So this is going to be interesting.  Thank God the infant won't be able to make a comment on the quilt, she has no choice.   In the mean time I'm getting a little help from the Janome forum, with some ideas for embroidery.  Even though my brother is down for the count, I decided to get the an embroidery only machine........will have to make do with it, and I am getting some help from the Janome forum.

 If you have a Janome and you are in doubt, then check the ladies out, on the Janome forum.  Plenty of good advice and ideas.  I go there for inspiration.  Basically I've had more than enough time to do this quilt, but was afraid of failing.  Now I don't care about that I am more or less interested in the process.  Since I've not done one blessed thing the directions on these quilt videos have mentioned.  I ran out of some of the things I needed.  That is why this is going to be interesting.  I'll get back to my stuff later.