Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Ordinarilly I don't speak about people I first meet unless there's a lasting impression. Today I met a lady is somewhat like myself. The kicker was the 5 sewing machines. Well anyone in my book that has 5 sewing machines is just plain old special to me. She's even a hairstylist just like myself so I know she's alright.

You know hairstylist are really out there sometimes, but it's all done in creativity. I hope this is the beginning of a new friendship. It would be great. As you noticed i've not put too many things down because in am in a financial crunch right now. So i will be looking for something part-time. My new found friend (i am going to safely assume that she is) may have some leads. I've not brought any fabric since November. Still paying on my move out here. In the mean time I will still be checking out things. Right now I am taking care of my body, pretty soon I will get my mojo back and start sewing. But right now my head is not at it. The only thing to get me out of this slump is to go to s&r harris fabric, if for nothing else but to drool over fabric.

Friday, May 8, 2009

my day

well today was my national would think that I would be going someplace. that was my plan but who knows I will make up for it and go someplace later. I laid around the apartment all day, and only went downstairs to get my mail. Guess I could have gone out, but not with no dough.
Right now I am waiting on word of a bra making course that I want to price. I am tired of paying for these bras. So I don't care if I make one cup bigger than the other....I am going to learn how to make a bra. I hate it when I am not able to get the fabric and stuff I want due to other finacial obligations. Hopefully I will be out of the hole in august. I am going to try and make something towards the end of the month. ciao for now