Tuesday, August 31, 2010


The last few days have just been really bummed. I had this all planned on how I was going to move and now I am finding it's more trouble than it's worth. Not to mention I don't have the support group I need on this side and support from the other side. It's nice on the east because of the Bahai's but after that what is left. I really haven't given Minneapolis a chance. Even though I said two years was chance enough.

I think it is more or less the building that is getting to me and I don't like that feeling. So maybe if I get out of here things will be a little better for the time being though.....there are no really true friends here at all. The people that I know are not on my wave length and that's just horrible. So I now have to rethink things. I couldn't blame my friend in Toronto for thinking that I am flakey, but after all I am trying to do this by myself self and must add the money is the biggest factor in this equation. My hands are tied right now. I don't even have one months rent saved for a new place, not to mention the train fair and everything that came along with this trip. Can't give up though just have to have another outlook.