Friday, March 9, 2012

Kenneth King

I am taking a class with Kenneth D. King from  They have a lot of course on there to take, for 39.00 I figured it couldn't be all that bad.  I'm on the 6th chapter.  You can work right along with him or do what ever you wish.  I prefer watching it all the way through.  He is teaching us how to copy a pair of pants from you favorite pair of pants, without taking them apart.   I need some silk organza.  He states this is really good for copying from a garment.  It makes sense since you can see straight through it, and you can write on the other side of it as well.    I need some color pencils.  He states they are always good for marking.  Especially if you are working out details on the same side of the fabric.  I guess you don't get confused.  Pretty interesting so far.

  I have two more DVDs coming from London, and these are about dressmaking from scratch.  Seeing is really helpful in that I can retain what I see in addition to using my reference books.   Guess I am just killing time, but at least I am spending it constructively.  Still tinkering around with machine.  It's almost time for me to take her in for a check up, and I think I will do that around spring.  I should also have the embroidery machine checked out as well.  Never need to with the Brother.  I purchased and ebook from Kennth King through threads, but didn't really care for it, I like this better because it is filmed, and I can start and stop whenever I wish.