Sunday, February 22, 2009


I know I am not suppose to put anything personal on here other than sewing stuff but sometimes stuff just tickels me and I have to write. Since moving here I've come across really colorul characters; while waiting to go to my various sewing stuff. While residing at shady rest minnisota junction: I find that older adults act just like kids.

Observation: I am no longer looking for any relationship especially on line. As i told my friend this morning. You should see the guys that have hit on me in this building. Sometimes looks say a thousand words: there is a gentleman who looks just like a walrus with a mustache...just got a haircut the other day. He has two cheddar teeth and the top and the other three at the bottom look like they are going on demolition rot. Anyway he has an enormus girth, his stomach enters the room before he does but somehow he seems to find me and wants to talk. Why is it that folks who are losing teeth, or don't have teeth find the need to smile and show you their gums or tooth rot? They really don't care. It's just amazing!

Second guy is question: is like obi one canobi only this guy as the runs of the mouth God bless his soul. Nothing is remotely pertinent when he opens his mouth to speak. Starts off talking about flour and will end up talking about fly spit. Who cares? Then there's another guy that has long hair, southern drawl, overall blue jeans. We have these magnetic cards that get us through entrance of the building. He's the only guy that opens the door with his ass. Just amazing. These three gentleman are in heat, and always have something to say to me. It just goes to show you that people who look crazy, and are three sandwiches short of a picnic love talking to people who are sane.

Well on the on hand that makes you probably wonder about me because I talk to these people. I just don't want to be rude. I figure if these guys are like this now, just what will they be like when it gets warm. Lord please let me be gone all summer long. You know people always watch the newest person that moves in the building. Maybe I am fair game. Another guy is on an oxygen tank has four teeth, and smokes, and is delightful to a certain extent. I told him, "if you remove the oxygen hose from your nose and gave me a hug, you would probably fall down. I figure there is no sense in him looking, but he can dream can't he? which makes him all the more safer to talk to because his health is in such poor condition that him making a pass at me; makes him safe! Boy what a relief.

Well my computer is still being service, and i will try and take a picture of myself with makeup on, and then I will get someone to take a picture of me in the stuff I've made. I'll have to admit that I don't go by the rules in sewing. So my stuff is a little unorthadox. Well so much for personal stuff. I'll get back as soon as I get an itch to write. ciao for now

Friday, February 13, 2009


well i was visiting a couple of sewing blogs, and i realized that i wanted to spice my background up a little. Maybe i am just jumping the gun first things first. Well i found out that there are a couple of glitches in my new computer, and it will have to be sent back. So you won't hear from in the next nine days. Wah wah you know that when you've got the computer right here with you, you are not thinking about using it. Now that i know it's going to be gone I am going to want to use a computer. That's just ass backwards I know.

Can't wait for the spring to start up so that i can go fabric hunting. Think I will start around March. Then by April I will have a few things sewn up. last year i didn't buy any clothes from the store. I made all of my skirts. I've really got to get on the ball in making shirts. I think I am just afraid of the buttons. I didn't know that you have to have stabilizer for button holes. No wonder the button holes looked like they were going to get up and walk, and tiredly i might add.

now that I am in Minneapolis i suddenly am getting advertisements from Vogue fabrics. Too late guys. I really can't wait to find out how this place is in the summer. Hope i haven't gone from bad to worse. I do like what i see so far. In the mean time i am going to get as many sewing dvds and watch sewing videos. I am want to take this class in St. Paul for march. It might be a little later. Right now though I am having thoughts of grandeur on what to do for my birthday. Even though it's in may......i would like to be in a different state .....just for the someplace different that i've not been before. What a wondering soul I am.....ciao for now

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

glad to pose

This is Linda she does not sew, but knows that Sue and I do, and she was such a dear in staying with us the whole 2hours while we drooled. This was my first time using the digital camera, and my first time on this fabric trip. Linda is holding up one of Sues quilt like squares. The are really works of art, and they adorn Sues walls. So now I've figured this out pictures and posting. Now it's on to the next hurdle. I'm learning!

Swith reels.....saw myself on the webcam and nearly scared the hell out of my self because I almost didn't recognize the reflection staring back at me. Age is just shocking some time. I am going to try and take more pictures now of the fabric places and then give the thumbs up and down. ciao for now

bagged treasures

This is the same day with Sue and Linda. Sue is the crafter and dyes material. She walks out of the store with paying only 15.00 odd dollars. Since i felt like alice in wonderland naturally I spent 53.00 but that was pretty good, out of this trip I've made two purses with leather, and will also have some canvas for a tote bag. Three shirts, well just jersey tops. Those are not that exciting. I am going to save up next time, cause i will need exactly a good 200.00.....
then this way I can make my whole spring/summer stuff.

my first time working with leather & tapestry

This is another style bag minus the straps that I gave to another friend. I scalloped the leather (white part) with a perscription bottle, and this is what I came up with, the upper part is tapestry. The bag came out pretty good, but I have to learn how to defince stuff a little more. I made this without a pattern. I gave this one to another friend of mine. She said she like it, and that it would match her shoes, or boots.

fabric heaven

At last this is the picture that i downloaded on my desktop. Don't know how I did it, but now you can see the smile that i was talking about. I haven't figured out yet how to download all of the pictures at the same time. so here goes