Sunday, August 26, 2007

stitches magazine

Well I am still recuperating and I must say that this is really a frustrating not being able to go out and get fabric. however a friend of mine in Washington D. C. was really nice and brought 4 stitches magazines for me and they came friday. So already I've gone over them three times in addition to the other five I purchased this month. I really was not suppose to get them. But since I've been home bound I felt compelled to buy them out of shear boredom. I've gone through those as well at least 3 or 4 times looking at the articles and picking out something that might pertain to me. The magazine is really chocked with a whole lot of articles far more than "threads" magazine.
So now it looks like I might be able to get some material in November. I've got something really big coming up Oct. 16th but I don't want to say anything about it until it actually materializes. I am already saving up for it. I've also decided to adopt another sewing child. I am thinking about getting a "toyota" sewing machine. Of course I will have to save up for it, but I saw it in the stitches magazine and I've not seen it in the american sewing magazines. So if "toyota" builds sewing machines like they do cars I am thinking that this might not be a bad idea. I also am going to save up for a Vikant embroidery program. It will be more cost effective than getting the embroidery disks that run 30.00 for only 20 designs. If I get the Vikant then I can copy any design and apply it to my emobroidery machine. That's ashame to have the machine I have and not be able to get the designs I want because they cost too much. I feel that the stuff is too overpriced to begin with. Even though I invested money in the "brother ult 2003 with the disney designs I don't even use. I thought I was going to have some floral designs but not the ones I would like. That means more money. The Vikant now runs for 279.00 and I remembe when it was just 99.00. There's just so much to get. I am happy though that I got my magazines. Sometimes I just look them over and over.
They had an article about going to Bali to get fabric. It's really beautiful from the pictures. I would just overdose in feeling and touching fabric. I would like to get at least 2,000 dollars in fabric just to go on a spree. Knowing me I could spend that in about one hour.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

ho hum

It's been a while but right now I am recuperating from a back surgery. In the mean time I've been looking Marian Lewis sewing for success blogs and she always has some nice tidbits of information. I will get back into the swing of things, but for the time being I am checking out other blogs just to sew what people are doing. One of my sewing buddies told me the other day that she didn't know anything about Janome sewing machines that I brag about, and said "you need to check out the Elago" I was looking for a third sewing machine to adopt and just may check that out. Right now I am going to have to check and come back to bloggin later based upon purchasing some material for september, or if I get lucky maybe something in August. I've got quite a few irons on the stove right now at this point and they are all smoking and so are my brains!