Saturday, May 25, 2013

Just finished with my granddaughters diaper bag, but I have a feeling she will use it for more than that, the bag is made out of canvas and upholstery material, and I finished it with invisible thread.  Hope she likes it.
I am a little surprised at the way the bag turned out.  You know how you look at something and think it's not going to work, and then when it's finished you go : "not so bad"  I will now work on the second bag.  My granddaughter decided she wants something all together different.  

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

sewing sunshine

Well here is what I've been waiting for:  This is Avionne Janae Dillard born on May 10th,  she is only 4 days old in the photo.  I wonder what this little soul is smiling about, would love to be in that little head of hers.  This is my granddaughters first child.   I proudly am now a great great grandmother.   My granddaughter calls me: Nonnie, and now I am Grand Nonnie.   Right now I am working on two diaper bags for her.  Have been coaching my granddaughter (Brandis) I wish I could have been there for this precious ones arrival, but was stuck here in Minnesota.  Things worked out well anyway.  

 I've not brought baby clothes 40yrs.   Suddenly I had to buy a few things for Avionne.  By the way I named her, but of course her name was supposed to be spelled another way.  My granddaughter liked this spelling, and I explained to her where the name came from, and the correct way in which to spell her name.   I told my granddaughter that there is a river in Glouchester, England spelled the same way.........however you know that young people don't listen to a word you tell them.  My granddaughter said, "Nonnie you and are the only ones that know that her name has comes from more than one source, but I like the way this is spelled."  

I am going to make Avionne a quilt, but don't have all the things I need to work with, and I am more or less thinking about making squared flannel remnants into a blanket. I also didn't know how expensive quilting could be.  There are a few more things I have to get before I start on making her blanket. In the mean time I have been taking and watching classes from  For the time being there are so many things running through my mind about this little one.  I am going to encourage my granddaughter to sew, one way or the other and at this time I think it will be the latter.  Still bummed out about my Brother embroidery machine.  That really was a blow.  I will use the two machines I have now, but I really need my embroidery machine.  I have a few ideas, at this point it would cost me more to fix this machine, something wrong with the computer part of it, and the machine doesn't even light up........well that's another long story.    

Tried sewing a little today, but I can tell that I am going to have to sew for just about an hour.  I can feel the tension in my shoulders and neck.  At least I got the straps sewn today, and tomorrow I will start working on  the bag.   Have been going through the blogs looking for some type of inspiration to get my sewing mojo back.  It's been a while.  I'll let Avionne be my inspiration.  One day a time.