Sunday, November 14, 2010

sewing quilt expo 2010

Well I was an ambassador really fancy word for volunteer for three days at the show. I was a bit disappointed. One: there weren't as many vendors as there was last year. I assisted two teachers during the three days.

I thought there would be perks in volunteering, like getting a bag of thread or something that we could use. I was there from 8:15 to 5:30 the first day, 8:15 to 2:30 the second day, and 8:15 to 2:30 working the front desk and then stayed until the drawing give away at 5:45. All the women stay until that time because lets face it, everyone wants to win a sewing machine that they don't need but just want, it's really for the sewing machine junkies.

The second day I worked I received an ink pen and some sticky pads, and very thin sticky pads I might add. The people I worked with always volounteer every year, so basically I was the only dip stick in the bunch who didn't know what to expect. Now the deal is being able to sit in on the classes. Well, assisting the class the ladies have paid, but you are a getting the class free by volunteering. So that's suppose to be a plus right? Well the teachers are slick. They make sure that you really are not going to see too much, but that you are going to assist them, even if it means getting a glass of water or going downstairs to the main floor to get a jacket off their rack at there booth. The other thing is that they are there to sell their books and patterns; the info that is recieved in the class is just a hint of what's in their book or video.

So next year I think I will only do one day.........but it would be better if I just did hands on classes because I would actually learn more..........really bump that idea because I would be better off purchasing the cd and learning from the cd. At least I can go back and forth seeing the demos. Other than that this was really a dull three days, but I am glad that I kept to my word and worked all three days. Right now I am in the midst of moving so you won't hear from me until I get my room set up. I expect things are going to go just right.