Saturday, December 27, 2008

trying to keep busy

Ok you know how this goes, you start on something like my Morroccan Jacket, and then I have to stop. I have the sleeves in and all I have to do is put the collar on and hem the sleeves, and the bottom of the Jacket. My problem is.....I don't have the asian buttons I need to finish the prodject. I am almost petrified in making button holes on this fabric, but I now know that you have to stabilize the buttons holes, I learned it the hard way. Also I wanted to do a hongkong finish on the inside of the Jacket, because I thought that I would be able to wear it in reverse. It's an interesting piece. I need bias tape, black bias tape. Anyway that frustrates me not to be able to complete something because I'm missing another piece to the puzzle.

So guess what I did? I picked up something else to start on. I saw this Eyptian looking tapestry and thought it would be nice to make a bag out of. I am not using a pattern. I also brought some leather from the goldmind that I visited earlier. I am going to use the leather for the bottom of the bag, and if I can make handles out of the rest of the leather. It's really a nice color. I will more than likely have a new computer by february and then I will post the pictures. I will just take pictures of what I'm making and then you will see what I've done during the winter.

I thought to myself wouldn't it be interesting to using invisible thread on this bag. So I tried it. One thing I know not to do, is to try wind the thread on bobbin. It's just awful. The thread starts to unravel before you even put the bobbin in position to be wound. So one of my friends told me she would never put that thread on the bobbin. I said thanks for telling me after I spent an hour trying to remove the thread from inside the bobbin spool. I thought I was going to have to take the machine apart. So i am just using the thread at the top and using regular thread in the bottom. It works out alright so far. I like the effect the invisible thread gives on this tapestry.

I also used uphostery needle 100-94 I believe or i can use the denim needles either one will work. So later on I will get to putting this bag together. Another thing I wanted to try was using glue to position the leather in place. Guess what I have no glue. So now this will be another unfinished thing until I get to the fabric store. One thing I know for sure sewing is expensive, and when you get into to notions from now on am going to pick out something I don't need at the moment, because I never know when I'm going to need it in the future. I think these two things will turn out nice though. I am going to have to get someone to take my pictures with me wearing my stuff. well ciao for now.....if anyone has any ideas at all feel free to send some views.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Ok today I decide to cut into my virgin fabric from Morroco. I was so nervous I had to come down here to be on the computer. It's so nerve wracking because you know that once you cut into the fabric there's no turning back. But I've had this fabric for 2yrs. Got it in Chicago. I am going to attempt to make a jacket out of it, but first I must procrastinate.

The material is uphostery. So I thought that this would be unique in that it would be sturdy jacket. I know though that this must be dry cleaned. I'll get around to sewing it tomorrow after I watch one life to live. I haven't a clue how this is going to turn out at all. I promised myself that I would cut into the fabric, that means the fabric I got from China 6yrs ago from a friend. I got scared after screwing up the fabric that my friends brought back from Ireland. Man did that hurt. Of course I tried using a pattern. This was the real wool. The pattern sucked.

So now I am going to go by myself without a pattern to see how this is going to turn out. Sometimes I score and sometimes I don't. I am just to go for it. This should be fun. Right now though I am going to have to go because someone came down and started to talk to me while I am on this thing. So I will talk to you later.

Sunday, December 7, 2008


Well i've just moved into an another apartment. Which is really a long story. Let's just say there was a rent adjustment. I moved from a really large apartment with plenty of room for me to collect crap. This is due to a monetary and paper gliche that management had on properties. The properities had already made their adjustment on rent increase for the year. Wish they told me that in august when I applied.

In my new apartment I can sneeze, fart and blow my nose and be in the same room. My point....there is no room. What ever will I do? I've got to find a way to be able to sew in this new place. The walk in closet is filled with fabric scraps and patterns, not to mention some fabric that i've not sewn yet. I am going to have to sew the stuff now. In the other apartment though short lived I made two shirts and a pair of pants. I was really going to go to town. Of course I've been bitching about not being able to get any fabric this month.

This move has cost me up the ying yang. I am still going to buy fabric. I would like to have just 100.00 so I could get some fabric and make some things. Now i know I said I don't have any room, but something tells me that I will fill up my closet with a few hanging things. By the way my closet is filled with stuff I sewed up last summer that are now in boxes. I've thought about putting some things in storage. Now that's an idea...put my sewing stuff in storage. I am going to have to work this out. I have no time to have a nervous breakdown at this point. I keep telling my self...."this too shall pass" and I hope it passes with a quickness. I was going to get myself some fabric for this month, but had to pay some unexpected charges in housing. Well let's hope that the new year brings me much more than I've had this year. The term bumpy ride does not even remotely sound familiar. This is like gargantuan, monolithic, and any word used to describe what i've been through this year.