Friday, January 22, 2010

conference call

Gee I know it's been a few days. Today I had a three way call with two other ladies from the sewing association. One lady is totally into crochet, and the other lady holds my interests. Which is just mainly to learn how to sew our own clothes. So two of us decided that we would clone one another in making our own body doubles. Basically I am just fiddling around in the dark with this sewing thing. I figure I will learn through trial and error.

As you recall on our first meeting there were three ladies I met. Well the lady that happens to be a tailor gets paid 20.00 and hour. I didn't know that until tonight. So we may invite her, or should I say we might pay for her to come again. The 1st lady that is suppose to head the sewing club is a member of of ASG but she doesn't feel that she is doing enough, and therefore would like to hand the rains to someone else. In addition to that there really are only two of us, and since the first lady has other interest that involve fabric making, weaving, and crochet she is not that interested in the sewing aspect too much.

However she is going to be taking a sewing course. That is a whopping 700.00 but it takes you from the very beginning. So she has offtered to share the lessons with the two of us when she signs up for the course in February. By the way I made another jacket with a purse to match out out of upholstery fabric. I really need critique from a knowing eye. But that will have to wait for the time being.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

don't nothing today

Okay I know this is the new year..........however I don't feel like doing crap today. Usually I have follow that train of thought because if I start on something in this frame of mind, I will screw it up. Someone brought me some silk from china, and I will make a blouse out of it, of course I am going to hold on to that thought until summer. I am working on another tapestry jacket. It's just about through. For the past three days I was struggling with the armhole. Of course this is done without a pattern. Sooner or later I will get the hang of this I know. In the mean time I will just have to put things together.
I need to make at least two more pairs of pants and some shirts for the next few months. I am thinking about getting the pattern for a shirt at hotpatterns. There's this universal top that looks good on everyone. I am trying to get out of the boxed looked, and get more into conturing.