Tuesday, October 7, 2008


i've been going on myspace, and trying to find people in other countries. So far I have two people that i am keeping up with on a regular basis. I just got through looking at my "stitches" magazine and as usual they have articles on fabrics and how to use them. i must admit I think that the best fabric is in Austraila. Those women must be born with fabric in their mouths. I am also learning how to color coordinate. Before i used a lot of prints ect. but now I am combining the prints with solids as it makes for better contrasts.

I will more than likely get my digital camera so that I can show my progress. I will more or less be concentrating on creating stuff for myself, and joing some of the sewing groups. i am going to try and connect with someone that has a car and if not I will be bussing. I can't wait to get up there. I will be visual drunk for fabric isn't that awful....but i just love it. I am also going to look for a traveling machine, because i can't take "dirty harry" that's my bernina 160 and Lena my brother ult2003 is too bulky to carry not to mention heavy. I've heard that traveling may knock off the timing.

talked to ken and another guy in muscle shoals at the "Kens sew and Vac" they are so sweet and i think I can find a deal with one of them. They said the magical word....lay-a-way I am going for the Janome has 150 stitches. That should be good enough to carry around with me. I will probably end up with getting a case. This machine has 14 feet and that's really good. So who knows might leave that one at home and take Dirty Harry. we'll see.......the fabric stores await me.

Friday, October 3, 2008

new deal

Ok it's been such a long time. I am now embarking on a new area. Will be moving to Minnisota this october. I've heard so much about all of the fabric and sewing stores that they have there. So I went there to see there in august. I didn't want to come back to Chicago. So now it's on to better thing. I am determined that I am going to work in the sewing field in some type of way. The way the economy is going. haven't brought any fabric since 6 months or more. Been saving money now for this move. So I went on line and saw the fabric places I wanted to visit. Not that interested in in Joanne's but they do have a lot of shops there. Also Hancock fabric stores. Since I already know what that looks like I am going to be opting to find other places.
I am going to be checking out canada for fabric as well. I thnk in april I will go up to I'll let you know when I move up there. this is going to be an adventure. No telling where I will be going to, and when. Have other irons in the fire. Can't talk about them right now.