Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I am happy with the outcome of this, and I really had to use some creative juices.   The collar has some batting in it for stability, and using the 3.0 stitching down the center really made this pop.  I had to applique the front, because the sweatshirt read: Prince on the left and Peace on the right, since the center covered the "of " it was not going to look right.  So I figured that maybe I could get away with applique, and it worked just fine.  It looks really nice on, and I will wear this with a pair of jeans.  I thought about pockets but I feel it will look too busy.  I really need a solid color.    I was determined to finish this today.  I ran out of frey check so I am hoping that with washing the ends of the applique will turn out just fine.  I love the color of perriwinkle.  
This is the blouse I was working on.  I detoured and did the sweatshirt first only, because things kept popping in my head on how it was going to look.  The shirt is a really big mess up, but the only person that knows that is me.  It drapes fine, and I will have to fix the center of the shirt, but I will do that later.  Now it's on to Peggy Sagers shirt, but I have to get some brown thread first.   I will take my time with this shirt and won't rush it, and I think I am going to do what she (Peggy) suggested and cut out more than one pattern.  Well this was a productive day.   I really hate cutting out patterns, but I once I get my own draft things will be just fine.  It always makes me feel good when I've accomplished something.  Even though the sweat may look a little raw on the applique it's still stylish.  This was my first attempt doing applique.   I couldn't figure out how to use the use the button foot for applying buttons.  I know how to use the attachment for the button hole foot that measures the button hole, but not the button hole foot.  I am going to have to go to Apple Valley to get a demonstration, and hope they don't ask me to pay.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

This is a sweatshirt that I decided to take apart and make into a jacket, I have opened the sweatshirt down the center and will put a border on it.  Something tells me though this will not be too flattering on me but I might be able to get away with it wearing a pair of jeans.  This is the bottom of the sweatshirt.  I just like the colors I guess.  One has no way of knowing how something is going to look until it's done.
This is the collar, and I will put a border around the neck and overlap the front with a double stitch.  I am using 3.0 stitch length to make it look more stylish.  2.5 is a bit too tight a stitch on this fabric.
This is how the front and the bottom overlap in the 3.0 stitch.  I am also going to border the sleeves, and then make button holes.  I don't know what made me think of this, but it was something to do on a sticky hot sunday.  I finished one of the other blouses, and it wasn't the Peggy Sager blouse, however it is wearable and you can't see any of my mistakes.  I had to take a part the collar on both blouses as these were not done with a pattern and I under copied the lapel.   Making it look too small for the collar once it is turned under.  It wouldn't be noticable I just made it look like somewhat of a style.  I will probably finish the sweartshirt tomorrow, as I will be in the house with this hot weather.  

Monday, July 16, 2012

This is the CD set buy Peggy Sagers and I will admit that there's whole lot on there I didn't know, and I am really glad that I got this set, I think I have been Peggyised.   Well I like the approach and some of the pattern making was a little over my head, but again this is something I can go back to, and watch segments of it again.  I understood and finally could get some of the process of creating a pattern.  So this makes me not afraid to attempt to do something with the principals that she's given in the black book.  This will make me a better sewer, and now I have a better grasp on the patterns themselves.  
This is a very thorough set and you can recognize some of the garments through some of the webcasts she has, but the blouses are made simple, and I will admit the collar gives me the blues, and for the longest I've really shied away from doing a blouse.  Looking at one of the DVD Peggy makes it look so easy.  I'm quite sure that once I get the hang of it it will be a no brainer.   I know I am suppose to be finishing my blouses, but I was over anxious to watch the videos, and watch every one of them.  
Here are a couple of the patterns that I also purchased:

I really can't wait to do the blue jean patterns.  Also the way her patterns are designed you can interchange the skirt to possibly make a pair of pants, not to mention what you can do with the blouses and sleeves.  So in a way this has given me some creative juices, and also cements some of things I've learned and seen in the books.  I am also going to purchase the embroidery designs, and a few more pattern, and then from this point on I will get some cardboard and cut out my own pattern to be reused.............I really hate the tissue.  It looks like I am going to have to get some more muslin.  I now see why this is so important, especially making a jacket.   She also has some nice fabric selections.  So I know that I will be her best customer.  I look forward to meeting her again at sewing show, with something that I've made from her patterns, only with a twist of my own.  Everyone is a designer in there own right.  If I can make stuff and it looks half way good with no pattern, think what I can do with a pattern.