Saturday, April 16, 2011

cutting board

I've had my cutting board since 1999 and today I broke the legs off one side of the table. So I would now only be able to use one side of the table. I was so pissed with myself. Later on I took a walk down the street, and came across a knitting shop that is closing. Lo and behold they were selling everything in the place. All must go. Guess what they had three of? Cutting boards. I also noticed in the bathroom one of the tall oval like mirror with a legs! What luck. I got them both for 30.00 bucks and that's a deal to me. Talk about timing.

I've changed the room around. I had the sewing machine sitting in front of the window for light. I now see that this apartment is going to be hot in the summer because it faces the sun. So I didn't want to take a chance on ruining the machine, and decided to move the cutting board in front of the window and that's when I broke the legs on the table. Too lazy to put the leaf down. I know better now. Well maybe I will get to finish cutting the rest of a pattern out and then do some tracing. With the new cutting board I will have to sit down. Now all I need to do is get a comfortable chair to sit in; the movers broke my sewing chair, one of the legs is missing on it. What's with me and leg on furniture?

Monday, April 4, 2011


Geez louise! I have lost my motivation again, because i am lacking in a few things I need. That's when everything comes to a halt and I end up with UFOs. Well I really have been looking at other sewing blogs so that I can gain some inspiration. I tell you my blog does not hold a candle to some of these other blogs. Really I should not be comparing at all. I am me and they are them. I hath spoken. There are times I feel like I am all talk and no action. I guess the most important thing is that I've not lost the love for sewing. I've not lost that love for a sewing machine either. Spoke to my sewing friend in Chicago and naturally she does what she always does: tell me about a deal on a sewing machine: a pffaff 2140 with everything. Of course i already know about them, but my friend wanted to email the pictures so that I can sit around and salivate over another machine. I signed up with a new magazine called: "stitch" not to be confused with the Aussie magazine "Stitches" I don't the person put into consideration that she was one letter off, or it could be that she intentionally fixed that way so that folks would buy the magazine. I like it though. For me I need more visuals combined with the text; this works so much better for me.

Right now I'm in a health frame of mind trying to gear up for the summer. Making smoothies and getting vitamins. I hate eating when I am bored, but still don't have the drive to sew yet. It will hit me and then I will do it for a few weeks. Usually I find that I do sewing just before it gets warm. Maybe I am just behind. More than likely I will use the remainder of my fabric to makes skirts this summer. I am going to get a bolt of muslin this is what I really need, and then I can quit wasting fabric because I will have the right fit. However the all the bills from last months visits and tests are now coming in and that is seriously cutting into my fabric allotment. Where is a rich man when you need him? I need to be spoiled at this point and time. Ah alas tis just a dream! So I am now back down to earth. I had to put the bag that I started on last week down for the time being, because I would like to work on buying some pleather for the straps, if not that maybe the straw like handles. I'll think of something.