Saturday, October 13, 2012

right button color

Well I went out to Hancock fabrics, and got the right color buttons for this jacket.   After sending some of the photos of the button I was going to try and force on this jacket to look right; against my better judgment.  I had a friend make fun of that button so bad, until I couldn't help but laugh, and of course she was right.   I even showed the flower button to the guy fixing the electrical socket in my bathroom, because I was still laughing at the email I had received from my friend.   He looked at the flower button and said, "wow"  now that's bad when you know this man doesn't know anything about sewing or a sewing machine, but his statement told me that my friend was right as well.  So, what on earth was I thinking?  What told my eyes that I could pull this button off on this jacket?  Haven't a clue.  If the jacket looks a little lopsided it's the way I have in on the hanger.   Tried it on, and it doesn't look the way I had pictured it in my mind.

The button holes were the hardest, because I had to do them manually on my Bernina.  The button was to large to fit on the Janome, and Brother.  So I had to use my Bernina for manual.  I knew that I could make them as long as I needed to fit the button.  The jacket over all has a boxy look, and now I look like a Greenbay packer with gas.  Sooner or later I am going to make something that looks right, in the mean time I can get away with this, and no one will care except me.

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