Saturday, July 13, 2013

Done at last, done at last! Thank God almighty I's done at last!

Finished at last, boy was I glad to be through with this quilt. Have not developed a since of direction, hadn't a clue where this was going to take me.  I really had to improvise with this quilt.  This as you know is my first quilt.  I tell you....I left two safety pins in there and had to take the saftey pin out, and hide it with a letter J that I appliqued.  Genius!  I was determined I was going to make this work.  
This the back of the quilt and it is in flannel.    I thought this would be warmer for Avionne.  I hope her mother likes this and appreciates the truly hard work that went into this quilt.  Sooner or later I will get to the point where things run smoothly, when I know what the samhill I am doing.  Over all I am proud of myself in making this quilt. I really had no choice as I opened my big mouth up and said, "oh I will make the baby a quilt"   The next time, I will put more focus into detail.  Can't say I've not been busy with myself this month.  Letting my creative juices flow.  Then a brilliant idea came into my mind...........why not make a pillow?  Never made one before.
I think I am going to result to applique when all else fails.  I decided to just put some stabilizer on the back of the material and then cut out the shape I wanted, "why pay money for cut out pieces of plastic shapes, when I can do it myself?   Of course this is my first pillow.   What my grand daughter doesn't know............this crafty person, unzipped the pillow from one I already had......and just made the casing.  That's all and there you have it!   Primarily the work was spent just embroidering the initials and cut out of shapes.  Not too shabby.   I  didn't have any of the lime green fabric left, so I made do with this scrap of fabric.   I fixed it so that the stuffing removed.  Didn't put a zipper on this,as I had no zippers long enough.  So I enveloped the pillow in the middle. That way..........when it's time to wash just pull the stuff out of the case.  I'm too lazy to show the back of the pillow.  Over all I'm satisfied.  Not going to beat myself up, because both items didn't turn out perfect like I wanted them to lol!  I'll just do better.

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